“METANOIA - Harmony in Chaos”

My entry to the RunwayML AI Film Festival 2024.
This short film follows the ever changing vivacious Gizmo, the spirit of chaos and mischief who revels in the beauty of disorder. Alongside her is Omzig, a serene force of calm, who navigates the storms Gizmo conjures, guiding them towards a harmonious resolution. In a final moment of convergence, Gizmo and Omzig come face to face. Gizmo’s chaotic energy meets the peaceful aura of Omzig, and for a moment, they stand in balance, the epitome of the cycle of existence. 
Concept: Paola Rocchetti @creaturessa, Bill Moore @molg.vl and ChatGPT
Midjourney AI images by Paola Rocchetti
Runway AI animation by Paola Rocchetti
Editing Paola Rocchetti
Music editing Bill Moore
Soundtrack Hampus Naeselius - Blood Money (Epidemic Sound)
Production: Paola Rocchetti and Bill Moore
Paola and Bill's collaboration began with a single image from Midjourney, conceptualized by Paola Rocchetti. ChatGPT was helpful in developing the narrative. The project's ambition for a highly surreal and chaotic aesthetic faced technical hurdles, particularly with Runway's handling of complex surreal visuals, impacting the animation's desired outcome. Significant effort was directed towards crafting high-quality, consistent images through Midjourney to ensure narrative coherence. Extensive testing in Runway revealed that simpler compositions, particularly those incorporating recognizable human faces and atmospheric elements like clouds and fire, yielded the best results.
The piece was edited in Premiere and After Effects.
Midjourney Outputs:
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