Award-winning Art Direction and  Motion Design for Broadcast, Events, Social Media.
I am an artist at heart who has turned a lifelong passion for art and beauty into a career. My journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of the new—a drive that's led me from Rome's historic streets, where I grew up, to the innovative forefront of Los Angeles' creative scene, via London. My professional journey, enriched by experiences in fashion, styling, brand identity, and animation, has evolved to embrace the full spectrum of video production.
Innovation is my playground—for me,
innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's about making bold choices that merge my past with the possibilities of today while looking towards an exciting future.
I thrive on the challenges presented by new projects and the opportunity to bring them to life with a fresh perspective. Awards and jury seats have marked my commitment to excellence, and over a decade and a half in the industry has given me a versatile skill set and a portfolio filled with a diverse clientele.

Translating an idea into a whole new look/concept comes naturally to me, whether it’s for style frames, designing a logo, conceiving characters for video production, or combining my skills to craft something entirely new.
Curiosity, research and experimentation are vital components to the process.

My passion is reflected in my personal flair, with years of experience and a natural gift for
makeup and styling. As a true aesthete I am drawn to the beauty of artworks that are eye-catching, well executed, fascinating and out of the ordinary.
I'm constantly seeking out new knowledge, ideas and challenges and in my spare time - which isn't much! -
I love experimenting with new technologies, yes... AI.
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Gold winner at the Davey Awards - 2021
Immersive 3D AR experience for Jevon’s ‘Fell in love in Brasil’
Worked on this with the 1893 Creative team and Platoon. Credited for Art Dire 
Best Music Video, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design
Telly Award – 2019
ODDKO - Disobey
Art Direction – Silver
Music Video – Bronze

LA Music Video Awards - 2019
Best Metal Video
Best Horror Video
Nomination – Visually Stunning
Telly Award – 2014
Korn - Never Never

Music Video – Silver
Bass Awards
Korn - Never Never
Winner Best Videoclip Bronze
LAMA – Los Angeles Movie Awards – 2011
Winner: Award of Excellence and Best Costume Design
BMVA – Berlin Music Video Awards – 2014
Korn - Never Never
Nomination: best VFX

- JURY -
Telly Awards 2022
D&AD 2022
Clio Awards 2021 - Film Craft: Animation & Visual Effects Jury
Pause Awards 2021
Member of the SOFF 2021 Filmmakers Board
Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival 2021
Bogota Music Video festival 2020
Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival 2020

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Featured by London International Awards(LIA)
Featured by Clio Awards
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